setting the stage

When you open your story - or start a scene - it is critical that you place your reader in the middle of things - you can only do that if you, and the reader, know on a sensory level where the action is taking place. Using the prompts provided, set the stage:  time, place … Continue reading setting the stage

what’s the story?

© Anikasalsera Sometimes a photograph can prompt a feeling that leads to a story you didn’t know you had in you. Take a look at this photograph and ask yourself: “who is there?” “what’s the story?” “what do I want my reader to believe as a result of reading this story?”.  Often when you … Continue reading what’s the story?

a suggestive opening

Opening with a suggestive setting description can be useful for setting the mood of a story. It can foreshadow what is to come, and the words that you choose will shape your reader’s perceptions of the characters and their relationships. Here is a story opening: By mid afternoon the sun will cook the air into … Continue reading a suggestive opening