setting the stage

When you open your story – or start a scene – it is critical that you place your reader in the middle of things – you can only do that if you, and the reader, know on a sensory level where the action is taking place.

Using the prompts provided, set the stage:  time, place and the type of background or social atmosphere.  Are you in the present or in the past? Is this real or fantasy?

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You can post your opening here if you like.

2 thoughts on “setting the stage

  1. As Kate opened the cabin door her eyes were stung by the brightness of the new fallen snow. The soft green of yesterdays trees were now white and frozen in time. The branches now long fingers pointing accusingly at each other. The cold of the morning air sat heavy on her shoulders but she couldn’t retreat. Part of her knew that this pristine landscape of untouched snowfall should make her feel peaceful even serene. Her frozen posture and sinister interpretations made her heart pound in uncertainty rather than fear.


    The voice was baritone, strong and completely unfamiliar. She became aware of the length of her dark brown hair on her shoulder as she turned towards the voice. As the objects inside the cabin came into focus, Kate’s fear took on a physical pain in her chest. There was nothing and no one that she recognized……….


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