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Einstein was so much more than what they taught in school. His theory of relativity articulated a fundamental link between space and time -  the 4 dimensional space-time continuum, having three space dimensions: up/down, left/right, forward/backward, and 1 time dimension. Though I still don't understand him, I am enchanted.   "Lights All Askew in the Heavens", write a 200 word story, … Continue reading all askew

If We Burn

gorgeous writing, powerful restraint

O at the Edges


If We Burn

What flares instead to replace our
privileged nights? And which

assemblage of words could reorder these
deaths into comprehension,

change I can’t breathe from epitaph
to actuated plea for help?

Are words ever enough?
Can we stack our indifference and fear

into a mile-high pyre, and torching it
watch them rise to nothingness,

disappearing through the clouds
into the streaming light of cold, dark stars?

Raise your hands and sing. Blow softly
upon the ember. Inhale and recall.

Do you still feel? Will you breathe?
Every fire needs oxygen.

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Bridge of Sighs

This enclosed bridge passes over the Rio di Palazzo in Italy, connecting the interrogation rooms to the Prigioni Nuove, the New Prison. It was named Bridge of Sighs by Lord Byron in the 19th century, because the view through stone grills was the last convicts saw of Venice before their imprisonment.  Photochrom Print Collection Where … Continue reading Bridge of Sighs

from ruins

This is the front door of the Dalmore House in Scotland, completed in 1881, deemed uninhabitable in the early 1960s, and destroyed by fire in April 1969. Life is short, and we are transient. Walk through these doors and discover who lived here, retrieve their stories, reveal who they were by what they believed and what they … Continue reading from ruins


What will yours be?   Consider a major decision in your life, and imagine if you had said 'no' instead of 'yes' - or 'yes' instead of 'no'. How would that change your outcome? Write the letter to yourself, at the moment of turning point, that could have changed your mind. Then, fictionalize the story - … Continue reading regrets

seeing the light

These are paper filament incandescent electric light bulbs, invented by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century.  Illumination is produced when an electric current heats the interior wire filament to a high enough temperature to make it glow. Imagine a love affair that enacts this story of light - the intense heat generated to make love will burn as intensely as … Continue reading seeing the light


A bubble can can look like a world. Bubble: 1) a thin, liquid sphere, filled with air or another gas; or 2) time limited good fortune that is isolated from reality. Writing prompt: create a 150 word story titled The Bubble, in which the character(s) have been living a seemingly idyllic life, isolated from reality - … Continue reading bub·ble