from ruins

This is the front door of the Dalmore House in Scotland, completed in 1881, deemed uninhabitable in the early 1960s, and destroyed by fire in April 1969. Life is short, and we are transient. Walk through these doors and discover who lived here, retrieve their stories, reveal who they were by what they believed and what they … Continue reading from ruins

seeing the light

These are paper filament incandescent electric light bulbs, invented by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century.  Illumination is produced when an electric current heats the interior wire filament to a high enough temperature to make it glow. Imagine a love affair that enacts this story of light - the intense heat generated to make love will burn as intensely as … Continue reading seeing the light

truth to fiction

Translating life into fiction can be a way to externalize our inner apocalypse...  photo: Jon Sullivan ...and reading our fiction can lead us to an understanding of what we have locked away. Write about a Thanksgiving that became a turning point in your life, locate it in an exaggerated world of your creation, and animate it with people who enact … Continue reading truth to fiction

art from shackles

What happens to you when you see this prompt on your screen? Creating a password can be as agonizing and fraught with drama as beginning or ending a relationship. How much do you reveal, how much can you hide? What secret code will unlock this other's heart? Will the secret code elude you in the moments … Continue reading art from shackles

underwood five typos

Imagine a blizzard - you are in an isolated, two room, mountain cabin, with no electricity, no computer or cell phone. Your car is buried; a mound of snow the only evidence that it is parked outside. You've tried shoveling, but it's pointless. So you build a fire in the wood stove to keep warm.   … Continue reading underwood five typos

foreshadowing flim flam

Rule for writing and life: A flim flam man (or woman) cannot work in a vacuum. It takes at least two participants for flim flam to be successful. So, when a character (or you)is bamboozled, there will be plenty of red flags in the field. They will look something like this:  photo: Justine Belson In writing, … Continue reading foreshadowing flim flam


What have you agreed to believe, though you knew it could not be true? Recall the moment when you knew you had gotten on the wrong train. How long after that did you stay on the train because you paid good money for the ticket?  Jon Sullivan   Create a character (loosely based on you), and offer them … Continue reading deceit

I feel the earth move

That's tectonics. Or else love. Paolo Neo Technology has caused a revolution in our relationship with the earth (not great news), and with each other (also not great news).  Luke Thanks to advanced technology we can meet, fall in love, misinterpret, over-interpret, fall out of love, break up, and get a divorce, by tapping on a keyboard. Writing prompt: Write … Continue reading I feel the earth move