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Designed to facilitate creative expression in a stimulating, safe environment where experimentation is encouraged. Can include brief lectures and interactive workshopping.

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Experienced, intuitive guidance and support to help you develop, strategize, enhance and polish your work. In person, by phone, and online conferencing such as Skype and Zoom. 

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Also known as developmental editing, attends to the overall content, clarity, effectiveness and development of your project, from book length to shorter pieces such as essays or short stories.

Creative Writing for Social Justice and Personal Wellbeing

Online Workshop July 21, 22, 23, 24

Space is limited.   Registration deadline June 21

Words are power. If ever there was a time to advocate and honor the written word in service of justice and self-care, that time is now. Censorship is becoming the norm, important stories are being erased, and the deluge of bad news can be overwhelming.

This online workshop will explore the use of creative writing for:

  1. social justice: creative writing offers a way to illuminate injustice, and advocate and inspire social change.
  2. personal transformation: creative writing can help us to discover our stories, make meaning of our lives and facilitate healing.

Creative Writing for Social Work

Photo by Justin Torner 2019

“It is fitting that a class that teaches social workers the therapeutic value of writing would be offered on a campus renowned for its writing programs.” — from Emily Nelson’s article in Iowa Now, University of Iowa

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about Szabo Creative Consulting

Szabo Creative Consulting offers a unique approach to creative writing that takes into account the whole person while focusing on the written word.

I work with beginning, intermediate and advanced writers of all ages – and with people who have not considered themselves writers but would like to give it a try.

I offer individual mentoring, developmental editing, instruction and facilitation of groups, workshops and classes. I welcome working in person and virtually, by phone, Zoom or Skype, and I’m happy to customize workshops and classes, and to travel to your location.


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