innovative, incisive, instructive support for writers



There is eloquence in everyone.

Writing creatively – whether fiction or nonfiction – can spark and inform personal investigation, leading us to discover and express aspects of ourselves and our relationships we might not otherwise have seen.

As a writer I have merged my background in creative writing and counseling to create a unique coaching and teaching style. The goal of my work is to help people become the best writers they can be, by facilitating their access to insight and inspiration, and encouraging discovery of their unique styles and strengths.

Creative writing can make memorable what we love or fear, what we long for or shy away from, what we are grateful for or what we must recover from. We can’t change our past, but writing about what happened through the lens of fiction or creative nonfiction can help us to understand why, or it can help us to come to terms with the inexplicable by transforming its influence on us.

My coaching and teaching is designed to enhance creativity, provide insight and instruction in a supportive atmosphere that encourages creative expression. I combine intuitive, incisive feedback with clarity, direction, and practical tools to assist beginning, intermediate and advanced writers to achieve tangible results.


To learn more about Write Now click here. Please contact me if you would like further information  I look forward to hearing from you,  Ellen

Learn more about the summer 2014 Creative Writing Seminar for Helping Professionals at the University of Iowa School of Social Work. Or click here to read about the Seminar in the Spring 2012 Issue of In Service.

View the New York Times article by Steve Almond on the rising popularity of writing workshops as “a mode of personal investigation”.

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